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Join a community of corporate leaders who are using the Role Readiness Program to communicate their value, interview confidently and land their next role.

What Exactly Is The Role Readiness Program?

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This Program Is A Valuable Path To Faster Career Advancement 

The Role Readiness Program was created so that leaders like you, who don't want to waste any more time, can quickly get the tools and skill to next-level career growth.
Here's how it works over 4 weeks:
  1. ​IMMEDIATELY ACCESS VIDEO CAREER COACHING to define your leadership values, strengths and ideal role (so you don’t stay STUCK or make the WRONG decision)
  2. ​IN 2 WEEKS GET A NEW EXEC-LEVEL RESUME & LINKEDIN PROFILE customized and written just for you to showcase your experience, set you apart and quantify your value (so you can confidently tell your story)
  3. OVER THE NEXT 2 WEEKS GET INTERVIEW COACHING where we will personally coach you and give you the tools and actionable feedback to overcome doubts and increase confidence in the interview process (so you can advance and get hired)

Career Plan * Clarity * Confidence * Positioning

* Positive Impact * Guidance

The Role Readiness Program Gives You The Motivation You Need To Take The Next Step

  • Get Clarity On Your Next Steps 
  • Understand The Impact You Make
  • Overcome Confidence Blockers
  • Increase Career-Change Skills

Learn To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition With Authenticity

  • Determine Your Brand And Value Prop
  • Build, Tell And Sell Your Story Confidently
  • Level Up Your Resume And LinkedIn

Take Confident, Intentional Action On Your Career Plan

  • Define Your Networking Strategy & Script
  • Build An Accelerated Career Action Plan
  • Learn Masterful Interview Skills (& Secrets)

Need To Know MORE About How The Role Readiness Program Leads To Success?

Exec Coaching Guidance

Access to brand new 9-module online video coaching guidance, providing you with the very same career coaching that our high-end 1:1 clients receive. You get step-by-step coaching guidance on leadership style, strengths, ideal career role, your brand & career story, higher confidence, networking & secrets to accelerating success.

Exec Level Resume

A done-for-you Professional Resume, completely customized, and professionally positioned at an executive level to set you apart and optimized for ATS. Live Zoom call is scheduled to review and discuss any final edits. Each resume is turned into a modern, high-quality resume you’ll be proud of now and for years to come.

Updated LinkedIn Profile 

A complete LinkedIn profile assessment, and top-to-bottom editing, positioning and writing, including profile & background picture recommendations, new Headline, Banner, About Me section story, Experience, & accomplishments writing. Your new LinkedIn Profile will position you effectively for the roles you’re pursuing and increase views and recruiting job options for the right roles.

Master Interview Skill

Interview strategy session to confirm your goals & how you want to be perceived. 75-min video mock interview session & debrief with detailed, actionable feedback (augmented by AI) & coach notes so that you know exactly how to improve. Includes salary negotiation support (for one role) so that you are confident and prepared to ask for what you're worth. 

* Differentiate Yourself * Communicate Your Value * Realize Your Potential *

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Advancing Their Careers With
Career Growth Coaching?

“Julie taught me how to shape my personal brand messages to elevate my self-promotion during interviews. As a result, I started winning offers.
Together, we rebuilt new statements elevating my brand to one of gaining the result of "How soon can you start?"
I've never felt more prepared and confident in my ability to sell myself."
Trina Burton, Program Manager, Starbucks
“Julie helped me with not just the actions of how to revise my positioning and brand, but also with strategic career insights.
The results are clear and obvious. Today I am in a role that brings me joy and on a path that strongly resonates with my life's purpose. I strongly recommend Julie to anyone looking to up-level their career.”
Paroma Sen, Vice President, SAP
I just landed a new position with the company that was my first choice. Julie was terrific at helping me prioritize my requirements and articulate the value I bring to prospective employers.
There’s no way I would have gone through this process with the confidence and effectiveness that I did without the support.”
Bill Shields, Principle PM Manager, Microsoft
“Julie was an instrumental partner in helping me navigate challenging self-questions, prioritizing things that are truly important to me, and put together an action plan to land a great next job.
I am 100% convinced my success was driven by her coaching and support - and my willingness to actively participate."
Mat Kraetsch, Senior Portfolio Leader, Talent, VMware
“I can confidently say that coaching was one of the best investments I've made in my career. 
During my coaching with Julie, not only was I able to identify what my dream job would entail, I actually found and got it!
I would highly recommend working with Julie if you are hoping to gain confidence and clarity in your career."    
Asiyah Iqbal, Program Manager, Salesforce
“Julie was instrumental in helping me examine what I needed to do in order to start growing again. The impact on my career has been amazing.
Julie was a change agent for my own self awareness and in helping me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels like they need to kick start their career." 
Wes Green, Microsoft Federal Business Development Leader


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Our mission is to inspire and empower professionals to advance and make a positive impact in their career.

We absolutely believe that you can do work that fulfills you and make a lucrative living doing so. 

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Our track record of success, exec-level coaching team, and proven frameworks and strategies have helped our clients land their ideal roles with $71k more in increased compensation.

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Time flies by. Don't stay stuck, undervalued or unfulfilled in your career for another day. Get yourself prepared, confident and positioned for the next level. Take the next step to get critical career change tools and skills to separate yourself from the competition.

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