Results Matter 

  • 99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are satisfied and 96% say they would repeat the process (ICF)
  • ROI for exec coaching is reported as 500%-700%. (iPEC)
  • Our clients get promos or new jobs in an average of 4 months

Coaching Works 

The Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies feel that they recouped the investment they made into coaching and then some.

The stats are powerful: coaching is effective at increasing self confidence, self leadership. It improves exec presence, the relationship to manager, resilience through conflict and even to personal life.

Our Clients Get Results

In our coaching and coaching programs, there's always a focus on results. We blend a business background with coaching expertise. While the process is customized, the end goals are common: get promoted, land the next-level job, show up as a confident leader and gain respect for the value you provide.

We track our success numbers. On average, clients of Julie Schaller Career Growth Coaching are achieving their promotion or new role in 4 months.

What Our Clients Say 

It's all great to show industry results of coaching, and to share the average results for our business.

But what matters most is the results our clients are getting. 

The results they've received (and that you can expect) include next-level promotions, increased confidence and credibility, and landing new jobs that are fulfilling, lucrative and challenging.

Let's Chat About Your Career

If you’d like to learn more, let's chat. It's 15 minutes, no obligation and we’ll be friends at the end regardless of the outcome. :-)