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How To Build A Career Plan And Get To The Exec Level

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✔ 7 Simple Shifts - to help you clarify your next role and increase your exec positioning and presence

✔ Positioning Skills - articulate your values, ideas and get your team/boss on the same page quickly

✔ The Single Biggest Blindspot - that holds you back and prevent you from being recognized and promoted in your career

✔ The Key to Defining Purposeful Work - without having to figure it all out on your own or make a wrong career move that sets you back

✔  The Top 5 Pitfalls that set people back in their careers and keep them from advancing to the next level


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Who is Julie?


I’m an expert Career Growth Coach who started down the corporate path seeking high-powered executive stardom but finding more burnout than brilliance. Rapid advancement and success was the carrot that kept me there, but I knew it was time for a change. I left corporate and found coaching.

I used my business know-how and blended it with my desire to help others. I learned the secrets to advancing careers, building brands and teaching people how to position themselves authentically.

Simply said: I help leaders get great jobs. 

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