People ask me how I got into coaching and the answer might not be what you expect…

It was on the back of a bar napkin.

That’s right, a bar napkin.

I was sitting at the bar of my favorite restaurant mindlessly doodling on the edges of a bar napkin when I wrote…

 “I help people grow”

“I what!?” I shockingly thought to myself.

At the time, it was completely unrelated to what I was doing as a corporate business leader.

But it was as if the Universe spoke up and said, “Ahem, Julie, it’s time for a new direction”

The seed had been planted.

From the outside I had a dream job – senior level role, cushy compensation, a seat at the exec table, but I started to feel an inner restlessness that I couldn’t shake.

Underneath the mask of professional perfection, I was also a mother to two young children. Lucy, age 5 and Brendan, age 2 ½. I wanted to be corporate executive and super mom.

But all I felt was pressure.

I finally listened to my intuition and left that corporate job. A year later, the Universe interceded again when a colleague encouraged me to take a coaching class.

The rest is history.


Is to inspire and empower leaders to realize their potential and create positive impact in their careers




We are transparent about who we are and what we deliver. We help our clients define what make them unique. We do that by being real and fully committed to making a difference and bringing out the best in every person.





We are present and treat each person with respect. We connect our clients with where they want to be. We bring people together in a trusted community where interaction and learning can thrive.





We operate ethically. We do what we say we will. We have a commitment to honesty. We give kind and direct feedback in a way that is in the client’s best interest and rarely, if ever, provided in life. We are not afraid to be the truthteller.





We believe real and meaningful change comes through growth and willingness to expand comfort zones. We create a powerful career plans for each client that accelerates their leadership and careers.





Results matter. We recognize that our clients are investing their time, energy and money and deserve results. We are committed to tracking the ROI and proof of success both in the coaching outcomes and success for each client.




Positive Impact

Create positive impact. This starts with giving guidance that improves careers and leadership. We help our clients define their impact professionally. And we are also committed to making a difference through social impact.


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