People ask me how I got into coaching and the answer might not be what you expect…
It was on the back of a bar napkin.

That’s right. A bar napkin.
I was sitting in my favorite Thai restaurant waiting for my husband to meet me for Happy Hour. Mindlessly doodling on the edges of a bar napkin when I wrote…

“I help people grow”

 “I what!?” I shockingly thought to myself 

At the time, it was completely unrelated to what I was doing as a corporate business leader. But there was something about the words that resonated at a very deep level.

It was as if the Universe spoke up and said, “Ahem, Julie, it’s time for a new direction”

I kept that bar napkin in my computer bag for years.

The seed had been planted.

From the outside I had a dream job – senior level role, cushy six-figure income, a seat at the exec table, a great team, and a boss who promoted me 3x in two years. But at home I was an emotional basket case, muting the pressure with junk food and anti-depressants. 

I started to feel an inner restlessness, a rumbling that I couldn’t shake. I tried to ignore it, but it was like wearing pants that are just a little bit too tight…I was always uncomfortable and could never relax.

The restlessness was clue #1.  But I ignored it. 

Underneath the mask of professional perfection, I was also a mother to two young children. Lucy, age 5 and Brendan, age 2 ½. I wanted to be a high performer and super mom. But my household was full of anxiety because of me.

The anxiety was clue #2.  But I denied it. 

After a two-week around the world business trip, desperately missing my family and jetlagged, I lost it.

The ensuing breakdown was clue #3. I finally listened.

I left that corporate job and a year later, a colleague suggested taking a coaching class. What I thought was a cool opportunity to learn some new skills turned out to be the biggest pivot in my career.

I’m not a newcomer to career pivots. But this one was different. I learned what I value, what my true strengths are, what kind of work gives me energy, how to help people grow.  I knew this is where I belonged professionally.

That bar napkin doodle had become a reality.

My biggest win has been Career Growth Coaching. It’s the vehicle that allows me to realize my mission. To make a positive impact in a really important area: Careers.

Simply said: I help leaders get great jobs.

My mission is to inspire and empower people to make a positive difference in their career. I absolutely believe that you can do work that energizes you and make a lucrative living doing so.

Let’s chat about what this could look like for you.

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