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 1:1 Career Growth


Results Focused 1:1 Coaching: A customized coaching package designed to help you land your ideal role and realize your career goals. Direct & honest feedback, plus leadership coaching expertise to help you overcome any blind spots

→ Online Tools, Resources & Training: A private portal with step-by-step video coaching and career-growth resources. This enables you to move quickly & gain additional learning.

→ High Achieving Leadership Community: You are part of an exclusive private community of rockstar corporate leaders and impact-makers. Get resume, LinkedIn & interview expertise.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader and/or aspiring executive

✓ You’re leading teams or are at a senior individual contributor level.

✓ You’re seeking more career growth, fulfillment and positive impact

✓ You need guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results

Simply said, you want to become the best version of yourself professionally

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What Past Clients Say:

 Leadership Impact 


→ 12-Month Roadmap: Increase the probability of realizing your leadership (and life) goals to 95% by stepping into a powerful process of guidance and accountability.

→ 'Coach On Demand' 1:1 Coaching: We build a meeting rhythm that works for you and helps you breakthrough challenges and realize goals so you can...successfully ramp up into new role, master exec presence, define your industry thought leadership, overcome blind spots, and lead with confidence.

→ Online Tools & Resources: You’ll gain access to a robust toolkit to help you accelerate your year...exec resume, LinkedIn rewrite, targeted interview coaching, leadership 360, private leadership-only content portal with resources relevant to those leading teams. You’ll have your personal coaching roadmap online so you can resource it from any device.

→ Leadership Mastermind & Community: You’ll be invited to be part of an exclusive group of ambitious, successful corporate leaders who are committed to being the best version of themselves. Participate in quarterly planning mastermind calls, tap into group support, discuss leadership-level challenges - learning with and from peers in a confidential forum.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader or executive who prioritizes growth

✓ You’re leading teams, organizations or are at a senior IC level.

✓ You’re seeking more leadership advancement, fulfillment and influence

✓ You need exec-level guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results

✓ Simply said, you want to be the best version of yourself and make a lasting impact personally & professionally

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Career Growth Group


→ 12 Weeks of Group Coaching: Leadership-level coaching every week for 12 weeks to help you define your ideal role, differentiate & position yourself. You follow a proven process that builds each week so you can achieve the promotion or land the next big role.

→ Online Tools, Resources & Training: Private portal with step-by-step content showing you how to gain clarity, build your positioning, resume & LinkedIn and follow your action plan.

→ Trusted Group Peers: You become part of a tight community of 4-8 driven corporate professionals and impact-makers who will go through the 12-week process with you.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader who is seeking a proven coaching process to advance

✓ You’re leading teams or are at a leadership IC level.

✓ You’re seeking an ideal new role externally or promotion internally

✓ You want coaching guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results at a lower price

✓ Simply said, you’re committed and know it's time to invest in yourself to improve your career

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