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Exec-Level 1:1 Coaching: A customized coaching package specifically for your career change goals, direct & honest feedback, plus the expertise to help you overcome any blind spots

→ Online Tools, Resources & Training: A private portal with step-by-step video coaching and career-growth resources. This enables you to move quickly & gain additional learning.

→ High Achieving Leadership Community: You are part of an exclusive private community of rockstar corporate leaders and impact-makers. Get resume, LinkedIn & interview expertise.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader and/or aspiring executive

✓ You’re leading teams or are at a senior individual contributor level.

✓ You’re seeking more career growth, fulfillment and positive impact

✓ You need guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results

Simply said, you want to become the best version of yourself professionally

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What Past Clients Say:

 Leadership Impact 


→ Monthly Exec-Level 1:1 Coaching: 100% of my 1:1 guidance to help you ramp up into new role, master exec presence, overcome blind spots, and lead with confidence and impact.

→ Online Tools, Resources & Training: You’ll gain a private leadership-only portal with resources relevant to those leading teams at senior levels in the organization. You’ll have a private 1:1 portal for all exec coaching notes, plus recordings of all group mastermind calls.

→ Exec Leadership Mastermind Calls: You’ll be invited to be part of an exclusive group of ambitious, successful corporate leaders and participate in monthly group mastermind calls to discuss leadership-level challenges - learning with and from peers in a confidential forum.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader or executive who prioritizes growth

✓ You’re leading teams, organizations or are at a senior IC level.

✓ You’re seeking more leadership advancement, fulfillment and influence

✓ You need exec-level guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results

✓ Simply said, you want to make a lasting impact and legacy professionally

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 Quick Start


→ 4 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching: Leadership-level coaching every week for 4 weeks to help you fast track your career success step-by-step. Get the proven blueprint for new roles and comp!

→ Online Tools, Resources & Training: Private portal with step-by-step content showing you how to gain clarity, build your positioning, resume & LinkedIn and follow your action plan.

→ High Achieving Community: You belong to a community of driven corporate professionals and impact-makers who will go through the 4-week process with you.

Who Is This For:

✓ You’re a corporate leader who needs a quick burst of coaching to advance

✓ You’re leading teams or are at a leadership IC level.

✓ You’re seeking an ideal new role externally or promotion internally

✓ You need coaching guidance, accountability and an action plan that gets results

✓ Simply said, you’re committed and know you need to improve your career

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